Significant changes to accuracy to make battles go faster and be more enjoyable

I received a lot of feedback in the first week of release here. It seems that the biggest complaint about the game is the hit rate is so low that battles last too long with far too many misses, and that your stamina is depleted and then too hard to replenish. So I’ve made some significant changes to the battle system to make it a more enjoyable experience, especially for new players.

Overall accuracy for both characters and monsters has increased, which will result in a greater hit rate. I also put limits on a lot of stuff during initial character creation to ensure that players choose appropriate weapons and skills for their character, based on class, to ensure maximum accuracy. And Dexterity points will now contribute +2 to MELEE ACCURACY as well as RANGED ACCURACY.

Previously, you had to have a successful DEFEND (meaning used it and weren’t hit) to replenish any of your MAXIMUM STAMINA, which is the white bar that caps your STAMINA at any given time. And even with that it would replenish at a trickle. Now, just using DEFEND (even if you’re hit) will replenish maximum stamina by 50% of your normal stamina regeneration rate, and a successful DEFEND will replenish at 100%. You still have to monitor stamina in the game, but you’re far less likely to run out of it and get stuck there.

But what if you liked the difficulty involved in the original conception of the game? Well, you’re in luck. I have added an OLD-SCHOOL switch under the SETTINGS menu that will use the old stamina regeneration system. And if you bump the DIFFICULTY setting up one notch, that will fairly match the prior difficulty.

Another change is that the lowest quality weapons of ALL TYPES are now affordable for initial characters (previously you couldn’t initially afford weapons like a two-handed sword or a two-handed hammer).

I also added a SETTING to change the color of menu highlights to blue for easier viewing by those with color-blindness.

Finally, some players didn’t like having their stamina run down while exploring and having to camp often, so while this is still the default for the game, there is an option in SETTINGS to disable this if you prefer.


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