Infinite Dungeon Crawler (IDC) is a turn-based fantasy RPG.  In a nutshell, you build your character, equip them, then delve into randomly generated worlds to explore, find loot, and fight monsters. You do this via “The Gate” — the mystical apparatus that can instantly transport you and your party to strange, new worlds.  You then return to town to sell your loot, rest up, maybe buy new gear, or perform activities that can help you. As you go through the worlds, you’ll gain experience from exploring and fighting monsters which will count toward leveling up. At each new level, you’ll gain additional attributes, abilities and skills.

As you level up, the worlds will get larger and filled with more and tougher monsters.  At some point you will need to bring on hirelings that you recruit at the Tavern to join your expeditions.  While you’ll have to split your loot with them, the extra firepower will be necessary if you want to survive in the dungeons.  You will be able to fully control these hirelings (NPC‘s, or Non-Player Characters) on expeditions, although they do have the ability to leave your employ if you don’t keep them happy.  To that end you will usually pay for activities in town to keep their morale up.

It is recommended that you play the TUTORIAL the first time you start the game.  To do this, from the MAIN MENU select NEW GAME and click the OK button when prompted to start with a tutorial.  The tutorial doesn’t cover everything, but it will walk you through a small canned world and a simple battle to get you up to speed.  Once you’re done with the tutorial and arrive in town, you’ll be able to fully customize your character.  The game will also give you some tips in the beginning, whether you choose to do the tutorial or not.