From time to time, the Mayor’s Clerk will solicit adventurers to complete ODD JOBS on behalf of the town.  You can inquire within, but for convenience these notices are also posted on the kiosk in town outside the Mayor’s Office. You can see how many jobs are available by the number of notices hung on the kiosk.

Taking odd jobs is completely optional, and you will have to assign yourself or one of your hirelings to the task, which will occupy them for a month’s time (they can’t go through The Gate or participate in other activities until another party has returned or you advance time with the HOURGLASS button).  Jobs typically pay an amount of coin based on how difficult or dangerous they are, and many jobs are subject to additional coin for success or for characters of a particular class attempting them.  The success rate is somewhat random but can influenced by various factors which may be hinted at in the job description as well as the recommended level.  Sending characters that are well below the recommended level is not likely to be successful, and sending characters above the recommended level is more likely to succeed.

If you assign a hireling to a job, you will have to split any proceeds equally with them.  If you take the job, you receive all the coin.  Generally, hirelings will get a morale boost for successful outcomes.

Some jobs are inherently dangerous, and your safety cannot be guaranteed.  There may sometimes be the potential for a negative outcome, injury, or even death in some cases.  Choose wisely and balance the risk and reward carefully.

The results of any job are reported in the MONTHLY NEWS after the month is over (see the Monthly News subject of the Miscellaneous section of the guide).

Jobs come and go.  If you see a job and choose not to perform it, it will likely be filled by someone else within a month or two and be taken down.