I continue to receive feedback and this update has many improvements and small bug fixes. The most obvious change is that loot containers will now turn a dark gray color on the mini-map after you’ve emptied them. This will help you to easily identify which ones you’ve checked already.

Another significant change is the monster AI was tweaked so that more intelligent creatures, and higher level creatures, will attempt to conserve stamina more around the 50% level so as not to incur penalties, instead of “blowing it all right away”. This should lead to more challenging combat at higher levels. Also, for those at level 15 or above, monster stats (health, stamina, stamina regen, accuracy and defense) will significantly increase because it was too heavily skewed toward players, and higher-end weapon stats were lowered a bit. This is just one of many improvements, especially for higher levels, that will come in the near future.

For those that don’t like the requirement for the extra hit to kill after someone reaches zero HP, there is now an optional switch in SETTINGS under the GAME page to turn that off. Plus, I also added an optional switch to freeze hireling morale and remove requirements for lodging or performing preferred activities in town. Using this mode you can still take part in activities for a potential positive effect, but hireling morale will always stay neutral no matter what. That is a significant departure from my original design for the game and will dramatically change it, but I also feel that players should be able to play the way they want so I added it. But, again, both of these are optional and by default the game requires the extra hit to kill and uses hireling morale.

Another noticeable change is when using Area-of-Effect abilities, the space under allies or enemies will only highlight if they will be affected by the ability. For example, if using a support ability like HEAL OTHERS, the targeting circle will appear green but not under a monster. Similarly, when using an offensive ability that only targets enemies, the ground under allies will not be highlighted red. But an offensive ability that affects everyone will highlight under everyone, indicating that you could potentially harm an ally.

Due to an issue that some users had, you can now no longer use the DROP button from the INVENTORY screen in town. If you have an item that you wish to dispose of, you need to sell it to the Merchant (even if its for zero coin). I also got rid of the chance of dying while completing an odd job in town. You can still receive a negative effect if it goes badly, but there is no chance of dying now.

There are lots of other small changes and bug fixes. I keep a running list of build updates here: https://www.infinitedungeoncrawler.com/release-notes/

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