Installing 64-bit Java Runtime Environment

Infinite Dungeon Crawler is a Java program that requires the Java Runtime Environment (JRE) to run.  Because of the prevalence of Java programs, most computers will already have this installed and the integration is seamless.  However, if you are running an older 32-bit version of the JRE, it may not be able to take advantage of more advanced and efficient memory management that is available on a 64-bit version of Windows running a 64-bit version of the JRE.  If the game senses that you are not running a 64-bit version of the JRE, a message will display in the lower-right corner of the Main Menu with a link to this page.

If you want to check the version of Java that is installed, follow these steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start menu, then scroll down to Windows System, then select Command Prompt.
  2. In the Command Prompt window, type in
                    java -version
    and press Enter.
  3. What appears can vary, but if you do not see something like “64-Bit Server VM”, then you are NOT running the 64-bit version of the JRE.

To install the 64-bit version of the JRE, download the appropriate version here:  On that page, select the 64-bit version for your operating system and follow the instructions.  Afterwards, restart Infinite Dungeon Crawler and the message about installing the 64-bit version of the JRE should not appear in the corner of the Main Menu.